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Dalian Linton NC Machine Co., Ltd was founded in 2007, and the company dedicates itself to the manufacture and technology R & D of the equipment for silicon material processing in PV & semiconductor industry. The company owns a team of engineers who are from NC machine tool manufacturing industry, and possesses the capacity of designing and developing precision machinery manufacturing and automatic control system. In 2008, the company developed the first generation multiple wire cutting machine with independent intellectual property in our country and replaced imported equipment successfully. By the end of 2012, cumulative sales volume has been more than 260 units, and domestic market occupancy rate has been 40%. And the product has obtained “the fifth China semiconductor innovation product and technology”, “national key point new product” and more honors,etc.. The company released multiple wire cutting machine for intercepting monocrystalline & polycrystalline silicon rods in 2010 on the basis of having released multiple wire cutting machine. The company developed the high productivity slicing machine typed QP2010 in 2011. In 2013, the company first pushed out the diamond wire slicing machine interiorly. So far, the company has completed the development of multiple wire cutting machine equipment in all series on PV industry, and established the good value & brand image that Linton Machine is skillful in technology and its service is rapid across the country. In recent years, the company has trained a professional R & D team in the field of multiple wire cutting, which owns 75 R & D staff, 10 senior engineers, 1 MIT PhD, 1 foreign technical guidance expert and 2 experts who enjoy the government allowance of the State Council. The company has gained 30 national patents which include 5 invention patents and 2 software copyrights. At present, the company products' tension control technology, the synchronization technology of wire-collecting & feeding motor and main motor occupy the international leading level, having broken the technological monopoly conducted by developed countries led by Japan, Germany to our country’s multiple wire cutting equipment and ushered the lowcost period of domestic multiple wire cutting equipment. Company’s R & D center was awarded the title of “Liaoning Province Dalian Linton Crystal & Silicon Materials Engineering Technology Research Center” and “Liaoning Province Dalian PV & Semiconductor Silicon Material Cutting Equipment Engineering Laboratory” by Liaoning Province STD and the Development & Reform Committee, etc..

The company was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise in 2010. Several years, the company won the “Key New Product” issued by the national four ministries and committees, “Dalian Science & Technology Plan”, “Dalian Technological Innovation Special Funds” and so on more than 10 project approvals and funding, and the honor of “Technological Innovation Advanced Unit” and so on many honors.

The enterprise’s economic benefit is remarkable in recent years. The company has established a good and stable cooperation relationship with many large domestic enterprises, and our products are exported to 91 manufacturers all around the country. In  latest 3 years, the company has achieved that sales accumulative income is 630 million yuan, and net profit is 210 million yuan, with tax-payed 190 million yuan.

So far, the company has owned more than 22,000 square meters workshops, and more than 280 employees, and owned horizontal & vertical machining centers, gantry boring and milling machine and other precision machining equipment more than 20 units, which has settled the good foundation for the large-scale production of multiple wire cutting machine. At paying attention to R & D, the company pays attention to management at the same time. The company has successively formulated a series of management system (such as the human resource system, the purchase system process, the financial management system, etc.), and introduced the ERP management software in 2011 to establish the ERP management process for the planning management to production, purchase, logistics, sales, etc. and a series of links to ensure that the company’s daily management can be conducted normally and orderly. The company introduces Japanese expert, to fully carry out the 6S elaborate management to all processes of the company’s production and operation, and has passed the certification conducted by ISO9000 Quality Management System smoothly at the end of 2011. At the same time, the company implement the strategic structural adjustment actively, to extend from PV industry to semiconductor industry further. At the beginning of 2013, the company purchased  KAYEX monocrystalline furnace business division that used to be subject to American top 500 companies (SPX) with more than $25 million investment, and has devoted to realize the localization of KAYEX monocrystalline furnace, to reduce the production cost of domestic PV & semiconductor manufacturers, and improve the quality of monocrystalline chip greatly, so as to improve the international competitiveness of domestic PV & semiconductor companies.

At present, the company is carrying out production and operation in the field of multiple wire cutting equipment and monocrystalline growth technique simultaneously, and striving for the goal of product marketization & industrialization goal, making the contribution it should make to national PV & semiconductor industry continually with advanced technology, reliable and value-added products’ quality, swift and convenient service, and united progressive staff team.