Multi-wire Wafer Slicing Machine-Dalian Linton NC Machine Co., Ltd
Multi-wire Wafer Slicing Machine

Multi-wire Wafer Slicing Machine-Dalian Linton NC Machine Co., Ltd

Main Parameter
Wire saw QP20100
Wafer size

Max 1020mm

125x125x510mm 2

156x156x510mm 2
wafer thickness 180μm 200μm
workpiece down web
Wire guide quantity 2
Wire guide diameter Φ350 mm
Wire guide power 61 kW servo motor
Wire motion profile Back & forth mode
Wire diameter Φ0.10-0.12mm
Wire tension max 30N
Tension controlled mode pneumatic servomechanism
Wire length max 700km
pulley quantity 8
cutting speed 0-9mm/min
wire speed max 15m/min
Slurry tank capacity 475L
Slurry motor power 7.5 KW
Slurry flow 160-200Kg/min
workpiece clamp mode Auto
Air exhaust 20m3/h
Air pressure 4-6bar

1. High processing efficient of wafer yield,only one Siliconingot every time
2. Flexible Control System, all parameters can set and adjust acrroding user need which is convenient to adjust
production technology,to get best efficiency with lowest cost.
3. High precision Control of Sluury temperature and flow.
4. Employing of Siemens Industrial Computer,S7-400 series Programmable Logic Controller,Servo drive, Bus communication system to Control the machine which
makes reliable hardware.
5. Wire tension is controlled by pneumatic servomechanism, which makes the machine run gentle and stable,with
low probability of wire broken.
6. The stable of the machine is improved with the employ of wire broken
7. Friendly HMI and clear icons which make operation simple.